Exhaust Heat Exchanger

4 kW to 240 kW

Converts waste heat from engine exhaust into useable heat
for hot water, space heating and air-conditioning.


  • Saves fuel and energy
  • Can reduce the generator size by reducing electrical heating and air conditioning loads
  • Will typically reduce the exhaust backpressure in most installations thereby improving engine performance
  • Reduce exhaust noise


  • Counter Flow Spiral Plate heat exchanger technology.
  • All 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Optional 316 stainless available.
  • Water or water/glycol are typical fluids for heat transfer.
  • 125 psig maximum fluid working pressure.
  • Water pressure drops at various flow rates are typical


  • Hydronic floor heating.
  • Engine driven carpet, floor, and steam cleaners.
  • Space heating with fan coils.
  • Eliminates wet exhaust systems for marine generators.
  • Provides heat for absorption type air-conditioners.