Limited Warranty

Polar Power Inc. (hereinafter “Polar”), hereby warrants goods manufactured and sold by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 24 months after the date of shipment. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement at 249 E. Gardena Blvd, Carson, CA 90248 or other point designated by Polar of such parts as they appear to Polar, upon inspection, to be defective in material or workmanship. This warranty is extended to the first user only and no warranty is made or authorized to be made assignable on resale by the first end user.

The above warranty includes a pass-through warranty from the engine and controller manufacturers for whatever period and warranty is in effect by the manufacturer at that time. The above warranty only extends to applications and installations which are approved by mutual agreement between Polar and the first end users.

To obtain performance of any obligation under this warranty, contact must be made with Polar in writing at 249 Gardena Blvd., Gardena, CA 90248. Submission of a claim does not obligate Polar to accept such claim in full or in part. No bills for service, labor or other expenses that have not been previously approved and authorized by Polar will be allowed. No goods or materials may be returned until authorized in writing by Polar and, where the return of the material is authorized, it shall be F.O.B. to whatever point Polar designated within the U.S.A.

Repairs or alterations made to the goods without Polar written concurrence or the operation of the goods in excess of rated capacity will invalidate this warranty.

There is no implied warranty or condition of merchantability. There is no other warranty or condition expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, except such as is expressly set forth herein. Neither Polar nor manufacturers will be liable for any general, consequential or incidental damages, including without limitation any damages for loss of use or loss of profits, for any breach of warranty or condition or for negligence; Polar’s and manufacturer’s liability and the buyer’s exclusive remedy being expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the goods sold by Polar as provided herein.