4 - 8 kW DC Generator

The Most Efficient Technology for Auxiliary Power for Sail or Motor Vessels

The 8080VP-20 outperforms conventional marine AC generators in every aspect:

  • Charges Batteries Faster
  • Smaller in Size
  • Lighter in Weight
  • Greater Reliability
  • Less Maintenance
  • More Fuel Efficient
  • Less Vibration/Noise

The 8080VP-20 is based on a three cylinder diesel engine which is smoother in vibration and lower in noise than the smaller 8080VP-13. The three cylinder engine is recommended for those that will depend heavily on their air-conditioners.

Auxiliary Power

Using a DC generator, battery bank, and an inverter creates an on-board power system that can have both DC and AC power 24/7, yet the generator runs only a few hours a day or week. This is the most efficient and convenient source of marine power.

  • Up to 110 amps of 12 Vdc charging for house / engine starting batteries.
  • Up to 8 kW for 24 to 72 Vdc battery charging, inverter power, and electric propulsion.
  • Charges batteries and powers the inverter at the same time.
  • Charges the batteries and operates the propulsion motor at the same time.