6200 Series DC Alternators


  • Telecommunications
  • Systems without Batteries
  • Systems without Sensitive Loads
  • Military APU’s
  • Cogeneration and CHP
  • Cathodic Protection


  • High reliability and low maintenance
  • High degree of corrosion resistance
  • No mechanical adjustments
  • Very light weight
  • High quality electrical output
  • Stiff voltage regulation to current demand
  • Up to 94% efficiency
  • Adustable Power Outputs via Engine RPM
  • Wide Temperature Operation Range
    (-50° to 145°F)


Polar Power designs and manufactures its own alternators; we sell complete generators and not alternator kits.

Because our alternators and controls are designed to fit directly on specific engines and engine models of specific build configurations we are unable to sell and support alternator kits. Under certain programs involving quantity we will consider selling alternators kits under a franchise contract.

Hybrid Homopolar (PMHH) Technology

Polar Power first tested its DC Alternator using its Permanent Magnet Hybrid Homopolar (PMHH) technology in 1992. Since then numerous organizations have performed extensive testing on Polar’s generators, including the US Military.

Polar Power has met these performance goals through an integrated engineering effort involving detailed analysis of engine, voltage regulation electronics, field coil, magnet, stator, rotor, and diode effects on the generators output voltage, current, and electrical quality.

Polar Power selected and optimized the 6200 series alternator using our PMHH technology because it does not require brushes, slip rings, rotating fields, exciters, or field flashing. Its small and compact design allows the use of a bearing-less pancake design.