13 - 20 kW Diesel DC Generator

The Most Efficient Technology for Auxiliary Power for Sail or Motor Vessels

The Most Efficient DC Generator for Hybrid Electric Propulsion for Mono-Hull and Multi-Hull Sailing Craft in the 9 to 15 meter Range

The Volvo D2-40 engine is no longer available, we are replacing it with either a D2-50 or a 3TNV88 Yanmar

Engineered for large cruising yachts and commercial vessels with heavy electrical loads. Properly configured the 8340VP-40 outperforms a conventional 40 kW AC generator in every aspect:

  • Charges Batteries Faster
  • Smaller in Size
  • Lighter in Weight
  • Greater Reliability
  • Less Maintenance
  • More Fuel Efficient
  • Less Vibration/Noise