Raj Masina

Raj MasinaRaj Masina serves as the VP of Operations. Raj joined Polar in 2009, and has since been tasked with increasing the operational efficiency. Raj was instrumental in revitalizing Polar, by incorporating a highly effective ERP system that handles accounting, purchasing, inventory control, customer relationship management and vendor performance. He has also played a key role in business development and establishing strategic partnerships with companies overseas, helping Polar build a strong and stable supply chain as required to address industry needs.

Raj has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California Davis, and an MBA from the University of Nevada Reno’s Supply Chain program. Prior to joining Polar, Raj was involved in a successful nanotech startup in Reno and worked as the Supply Chain Manager for International Game Technology. Raj has extensive experience in India, where his family was involved in providing passive infrastructure for telecom towers. He has a unique combination of technical and business knowledge that is vital to Polar’s success. Raj’s key strengths lie in business analytics, supply chain management, make vs. buy decision making, production scheduling, client relations and increasing market share for Polar.